Outdoor Education

The children of Oak Tree school have had a very rewarding end of term with lots of activities for them to take part in.  They have been surfing, body boarding, kayaking and mountain biking for their lessons and even had full days of activities on school camp, the pupils who attended had a really good time and there was lots of smiles all round.

The primary groups have done really well on all activities and some of the pupils are much more confident in the water from when we started at the beginning of the term.  The problem now is getting them out as opposed to getting them in.  The secondary groups have had some amazing days out on the mountain bikes as well as some rainy days out on the lake kayaking. The outdoor education team look forward to seeing some of you on the summer adventures course.

This summer Fistral have been building water confidence at the beach and learning to surf. The ability has varied as has confidence levels. Many of the pupils initially didn’t want to go in the water at all. Some were surfing independently from the first session. However, we are pleased to say that all pupils have been in the sea and the sea pool at Perranporth and enjoyed themselves a lot. Confidence levels have grown massively and everyone knows how to be safe at the beach and what all the flags mean. Surfs up dudes!