Rocket Science is on the move!

There has been plenty of excitement in the Science lab this term as our seeds from the Rocket Science team have finally arrived!

We had two packets arrive, one red and one blue and no-one here has any idea which of the packets are the seeds that have been in space!

Our Science teacher Kathy and a dedicated team of assistants followed all of the instructions to the letter to ensure everything was prepared correctly for the big day when the seeds arrived.

When they finally did, student were keen to get started and all the seeds are planted, labelled and in the correct position on the windowsill and have even started to grow!

The students are now committed to measuring the seeds regularly and recording the data accurately so that we can submit our measurements to the national database set up for this experiment.

Keep watching this space to see what our results are, how they compare to the rest of the country, and which of our seeds came from the International Space Station!