• Rocket Science is on the move!

    Posted on 05.05.16 by admin

    There has been plenty of excitement in the Science lab this term as our seeds from the Rocket Science team have finally arrived! We had two packets arrive, one red and one…

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  • New Climbing Wall

    Posted on 03.05.16 by admin

    Last year, as part of the Speakers School Council Awards, our school council decided they wanted to have an indoor climbing wall in the school. The planned it out and submitted designs…

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  • Updates from Polly Joke Class

    Posted on 11.04.16 by admin

    Polly Joke has had a fantastic half term so far, they have enjoyed working more closely together and being introduced to their new topic “to the rescue”. Polly Joke have already been…

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  • Design Technology Lessons

    Posted on 10.03.16 by admin

    This term in Design Technology students have worked on a variety of different projects to develop their understanding of material properties and joining methods. The students have worked well to create individual…

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  • Oak Tree School to grow seeds from space!

    Posted on 09.12.15 by admin

    Pupils at Oak Tree School are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been into space. In September, 2kg of rocket seeds…

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