Our Curriculum

On entry to the school our experienced admissions panel, which includes our Headteacher, teaching staff and Educational Psychologist, undertake a thorough baseline assessment. This assessment will identify where children are in terms of their learning (literacy skills, numeracy skills and science) and will also assess emotional development. This initial assessment will inform how we work with each student and the results will be fed back to parents/carers within eight weeks of joining the school.

Ongoing assessment is used to inform how students are progressing against this baseline assessment. Oak Tree School’s senior staff and therapy team will meet on at least a half termly basis to identify students who are not progressing as expected so that action plans can be developed to help implement and evaluate intervention strategies.

The curriculum we deliver at Oak Tree School is designed to engage, challenge and inspire the children who attend our school. It will help them to develop and progress over a broad and balanced range of subjects as well as develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. Students can access a wide range of extra-curricular activities whilst at the school, with a wide variety of off-site and outdoor education options.

Our Primary Curriculum

At Oak Tree School, we have several classes tailored to meet the individual needs of students within the primary age group. Most are able to access learning through group work, whilst others have an individual provision or a mix of both. We also have the flexibility to allow children to move between classes to best fit their needs. In addition to addressing the mainstream curriculum requirements, we also aim to meet individual needs according to advice from fellow professionals, as and when required, or as an additional support to any students we feel are struggling.

We use the Thrive programme to assess the children’s emotional and developmental needs and ensure that we can meet these needs in order to make sure that every child is actually ready to learn, enjoys being at school, and is able to fully access all the learning opportunities we can provide.

At Oak Tree School we use the Inspire Curriculum as a basis for our Topics, involving as many cross curricular links as we can to ensure that the learning makes sense to the students. Wherever possible we build in practical links to life skills so that the students know why they need to know what we are teaching them.

We also provide as many outdoor education opportunities as possible to ensure that the children gain as much life experience as we can provide, as well as giving them the chance to find an area in which they naturally excel.  These opportunities include swimming, sailing, surfing, forest school, farm experiences and many more. These facilities do not just enhance the learning opportunities for the children, but show them that, despite possible previous negative educational experiences, we are here to support them and help them to deal with situations that they may have found tricky in the past, whilst making education enjoyable.

We use various tried and tested resources to help support the emotional development of our children, including anger management, emotional literacy, social skills, and include various texts and techniques. We have access to an outdoor play area – whether the weather is wet or dry. During these outdoor activities, we encourage independent play, as well as social interaction with other adults and students. We have an activity box to expand gross motor skills, and as all outdoor activities are fully supported by adults, we are able to focus on individual development and need.

Every student we support has a personalised timetable and provision map to outline the provision we can offer at Oak Tree School. Provision for each student is regularly monitored to ensure the best outcomes.

Our Secondary Curriculum

The secondary curriculum at Oak Tree school is divided into KS3 (7, 8 & 9) and KS4 (10&11). We understand that our pupils present a wide range of abilities and in response the curriculum provides a number of pathways that lead to a variety of post school destinations.

Students in Key Stage 3 receive a full and varied curriculum which incorporates much of the National Curriculum.  English, Maths, Science, PSHE & Citizenship, Art, DT, Food Technology, Humanities as well as PE & Outdoor Education are offered. Students also have the opportunity to further enhance their curriculum by attending outside providers including local colleges, working alongside sport coaches & work based learning.

Year 9 at Oak Tree School is a pivotal period in a student’s education, where students are beginning to move from a more ‘directed’ and class based approach to learning to a more personalised curriculum offering a range of choices, focusing on independence and the transition to life after school.

At Year 9 students will start to follow the GCSE route map in English, Maths and Science, begin BTECs in DT and Catering as well as complete a multitude of ASDAN courses including sport & fitness, humanities & PSHE.

Entry level qualifications are also offered in English, Maths & ICT during the Autumn, Spring & Summer terms.

KS4 comprises students Y10 and Y11.

Our aim is that our students leave us at the end of year 11 with a place at college, employment or an apprenticeship secured, as well as having the emotional and social skills to be successful.

At KS4, students and teachers identify the most appropriate pathway of study for them to achieve as much as they possibly can with input from career advisors. For some pupils there is strong emphasis upon a vocational approach, whilst for others a more academic approach to the curriculum may be appropriate. All students in KS4 still maintain lessons in the core subject’s Maths, English and Science.

Students at Key Stage 4 follow a combination of the following nationally accredited courses;

  • GCSE in English, Maths, Science, Art and Product Design
  • BTEC Awards/Certificates in Vocational Studies – following a choice of pathway – Hospitality, Hair & Beauty, Land Based Studies and Construction/Practical skills
  • ASDAN Entry Level Personal Progress
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Our 2017-18 Achievements can be downloaded below

Year 11 GCSE results data 2017 Oak Tree School